Interview With Diane DiResta

Diane DiResta

As a top workplace communications training coach and author of Knockout Presentations and Conversations on Success, Diane DiResta shows clients how to communicate with greater impact and project a more powerful presence. Whether coaching sports celebrities to shine in the media, developing leaders to excel at executive presentations, or helping women in Tanzania to step into their power, Diane teaches spoken word strategies to manifest results. I had the pleasure of meeting Diane DiResta last week and I asked her if I could interview her for Women's Book Reviews.

Diane, please tell us where you grew up and where you went to school.

Brooklyn, NY mostly. I lived on army bases in NYC, NC, and Germany twice.

Where are you currently living?

Staten Island, NY. My office is in Manhattan.

I thought I read that you were a speech pathologist for many years in the public school system. Is this correct? If so, how did you make the transition to a communications consultant?

Making the transition took a while. After narrowing my career change to either sales or training, and after much networking, I saw an ad in the NY Times for a stand up trainer. I auditioned during their two day training seminar and got the job doing presentation skills seminars. I had prepared for this by volunteering to do in-service teacher training so I was ready when the opportunity presented itself.

Tell us a little bit about DiResta Communications --- what type of services does your company provide?

DiResta Communications, Inc works with corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to give compelling presentations that get results. Weíre in the business of making you more powerful.

We do that through keynote speeches, training workshops, executive coaching, webinars, media training, assessments and educational materials. Our approach is the Science of Speaking-what confidence looks like, sounds like and how to speak the language of confidence.

We offer training in presentation skills, team presentations, meeting facilitation, interpersonal communication, train-the-trainer, behavioral interviewing, speaking skills for women, and Non-native communication.

Do you find that your training techniques differ if your audience is predominantly female?

There are two equalizers in life-money and public speaking. Neither sex is a better speaker than the other. However, women have different issues from men and we address what may hold them back in the workplace and to make sure they are speaking in a style that gets respect and attention.

Is ďKnockout PresentationsĒ your first book? Please tell us a little bit about what is covered in the book. Who is the target audience?

Knockout Presentations is my first book written 10 years ago and still selling. The new revised edition was released in 2009. Itís been called the Bible of public speaking. It gives you real tools you can apply immediately with checklists, exercises, do and donít lists, and templates. It covers delivery tips, controlling nervousness, organizing a talk, listening, profiling your audience, visual aids and more. It has a section on special situations such as leaving a voice mail or running a meeting. The audience is the business professional. Itís been read by corporate CEOs, sales groups, and even students. Itís used as a text in many colleges and is sold in Canada, Singapore, India, and Korea.

Any tips or advice that you would like to impart to the Womenís Book Reviews audience?

Your success depends on how well you present yourself, your message and your value to your market. Public speaking levels the playing field because it allows women exposure. Women should make public speaking a career promoting strategy both inside and outside their companies. Speaking is the new competitive weapon. You cannot be without this skill. If youíre avoiding speaking, get a coach. There are some tools to help you get started at Youíll find Knockout Presentations on the home page. You can learn to create your presentation at and there are additional tips at Finally, donít forget the importance of follow-up. Visit to learn how to show appreciation and stay front of mind.

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