A Choir of Angels

A Choir of Angels

by Marilyn Baron

Sandy Elzie: What could be more exciting than an upcoming wedding between your daughter and the man of her dreams? And what could be more monumental than helping her pick out her dress and singing at the ceremony? Rhonda Paver has planned all the details of the wedding and the next thing that needs to be done is go shopping with her daughter, Hayley. She’s anticipating the special day almost as much as her daughter when she suddenly finds herself riding along side a gruff, crusty old man who tells her he’s her angel guide—to the hereafter. Since singing at the wedding and being with Hayley on her wedding day is Rhonda’s goal, she isn’t about to allow something as inconsequential as dying stand in her way. You’ll enjoy getting to know Rhonda, her daughter, and Lenin Cramer, her angel guide, as much as you’ll enjoy the clever ending to this delightful short story.
Rating: *****

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