A Mercy

A Dangerous Fortune

by Ken Follett

Dale Israel: To all of you lovers of Pillars of the Earth and World Without End...listen up! This book may not be quite as good as "Pillars" or "World," but it's the closet thing to it and I loved it almost as much. "A Dangerous Fortune," which is one of Follett's earlier books, takes place in the mid-1800's in England. A tragedy takes place at a boarding school when a student mysteriously drowns. This is the beginning of years of treachery that impacts the lives of so many people. There's greed, lust, and murder...what could be better? This is an old fashion family saga that grabs you from the very beginning and keeps your attention until the very last page. Even if this isn't the greatest literature ever written, I'm giving "A Dangerous Fortune" a 5 star rating because this book does everything a good book should: it was entertaining and provided hours of pleasure. I simply couldn't put it down!
Rating: *****

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