A Hundred Flowers

A Hundred Flowers

by Gail Tsukiyama

Judy Stanton (09/18/12): If you haven't read Gail Tsukiyama's books yet, you have a real treat in store. I have enjoyed every one of them, and A Hundred Flowers lives up to her reputation. Set in China during the reign of Chairman Mao, the book focuses on a family of three generations, missing their son/husband/father who was taken from them for speaking out against the Party. Tsukiyama writes beautifully, making her books full of conversation, action and individual perspective. You immediately warm up to the characters, share their joys, feel their pains, applaud their courage, sympathize with their shortcomings. And, yes, shed a tear, both in sadness and in happiness, for the hardships and the promise in their lives. Don't start reading unless you have the time; you won't want to put this one down.
Rating: *****

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