A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted Man

by John Le Carre

Arlene Almas: This is a most engrossing modern-day political thriller about Isa, a young Muslim man from Chechnya who suddenly appears in Hamburg, Germany seeking asylum and assistance. He may have been tortured; he may be a terrorist on a mission. He is befriended by a Muslim Turkish woman and her son, by a young woman lawyer at an organization which helps immigrants, and by a sympathetic banker whose family bank has been the repository for a great deal of money in an account which apparently belonged to Isa's father. Isa wishes to use his fortune to become a doctor and to help the struggling people of Chechnya. His four supporters seem to come under Isa's spell and are determined to help him gain asylum and residency in Germany. On the other hand, German, British, and American security agents are desperate to find the suspected Chechen terrorist and deport him to any of several countries where he is certain to be arrested and imprisoned. I greatly enjoyed this novel - it is exciting, intelligent, and extremely relevant to the world we live in.
Rating: *****

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