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A Perfect Spring Day

by Carol Donsky Newell

Debbie Weiss: I found "A Perfect Spring Day" to be a very interesting read. As Ava mentioned in her review, the plot revolves around a botched kidnapping and how it affects family members for the rest of their lives. An event such as this can either bring the targeted family closer together or it can shatter the ties that delicately bind the individuals into one fragile unit. The fact that the puzzle pieces of the kidnapping only fall into place 20 years later makes for a very long period of time to relive the awful day over and over.
Rating: ****

Ava Shuster: Carol Donsky Newell is my sister. She was interviewed last year on this wonderful web site for her book, "Flight of the Kiwi." Her second book is now available for order through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

In "A Perfect Spring Day," two young children are impacted by a kidnapping. One child, Greggie is taken by a man in a car and although he tries to get Amy in too, she manages to get away. The family dynamics, the psychological issues for Amy and her parents, and then the overlying mystery make this a very interesting page turner.

Twenty years after the shattering event, there is a botched kidnapping in the same area. Amy gets involved and the reader is swept up in finally finding this evil and finding answers.

Carol always did know how to tell a story!
Rating: This book was not rated

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