A Mercy

A Place Called Freedom

by Ken Follettt

Dale Israel: Nothing will ever compare to Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth, but for those of you who loved it, I think you will find A Place Called Freedom very enjoyable. This 1995 saga begins in the coal mines of Scotland during the 1700's. Mack McAsh is a 21 year old man who spends all of his waking hours working in the coal mines but yearning for a better life. His hunger for freedom causes conflict throughout his life and eventually, he joins thousands of others who are shipped to the American colonies to work as convicts. A bit formulaic and predictable, this novel was entertaining nonetheless and granted me a reprieve from the hassles of everyday life. Fine literature it is not, but I liked it all the same. If you're looking for similar novels, Follett's A Dangerous Fortune was also a great read and I understand he has a new trilogy debuting in September...I can hardly wait!!!
Rating: ****

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