A Walk Across the Sun

A Walk Across the Sun

by Corban Addison

Judy Stanton (02/19/12): They say "don't judge a book by its cover;" and that goes for the storyline. The subject of sex trafficking of young girls is so upsetting that it's not one I would normally choose to read for "pleasure." And yet, I really enjoyed A Walk Across the Sun. The story was well written and developed quickly, keeping the reader wanting to know whether the two key girls featured would be found. Despite some success in freeing some girls from bondage, the book made it clear that the battle is huge, complex, and often lost, and that it is not just a "foreign" issue, it happens right here in our country. In fact, at the very end the protagonist is driving down GA 400 and getting off in Alpharetta by the North Point Mall! And what's really amazing is that this was written by a lawyer! Highly recommended. 4+
Rating: ****

Dale Israel (01/27/12): A Walk Across the Sun, Corban Addison's first novel, is not for the faint of heart! In this fast paced thriller, Addison tells the story of two sisters who are left orphaned and homeless in India. The sisters are abducted by human traffickers and thrust into a world of sexual violence where the most valuable prize is a child's innocence. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC a young lawyer is grieving the death of his baby daughter and the break up of his marriage and takes a sabbatical in India where he sees firsthand the horrors of the sex trade business. While the topic of human trafficking is not a pleasant one, this book did open my eyes to a life so far removed from my own, safe, middle-class world. I was engaged immediately and the book was a quick read. I enjoyed it immensely and would highly recommend it. While most people on Amazon rated this book a 5 star, I'm giving it a 4. Perhaps I set extraordinarily high standards for a 5 star book i.e.Pillars of the Earth, The Book Thief, Someone Knows my Name. However, I did enjoy this book a lot and would love to hear what others have to say about it.
Rating: ****

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