A Year in Provence

A Year in Provence
Encore Provence

by Peter Mayle

 Encore Provence

Sharon Weiss: Although both of these books were published several years ago, the information contained within is still as relevant today as it was when they were published. I read both books prior to my trip to Provence in September 2008 and highly recommend them to anyone planning a trip.

"A Year in Provence" chronicles the monthly travails of an English couple who buy a “fixer-upper” in the countryside of Provence. The author talks about the food, drink, traditions, psyche and culture of the Provincal people. What makes it more than a travelogue is that he is experiencing this cultural change while his home is undergoing “This Old House” renovations. And anyone who has experienced home contractors knows, it can be difficult to motivate contractors to just finish the work. Meanwhile, the tale will inform you and engage you. I think almost everyone in our group read the book prior to the trip, and our tour guide pointed out places mentioned in the book as we passed them.

"Encore Provence" contains a series of stories about the people and traditions of the Provincal people that will add to your enjoyment and understanding prior to a trip.
Rating: "A Year in Provence" *****
Rating: "Encore Provence" ****

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