by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Debbie Weiss: I, too, really enjoyed this book. The title, "Admission," is applicable on two different levels. To begin with, Portia is an admissions officer at Princeton University. We read about the various brilliant applicants and we are made privy to the behind-the-scenes analysis and evaluation that goes into the review of each and every high school hopeful. These aspiring scholars practically become like adopted children to Portia and she meticulously reads and re-reads all the documents submitted by these bright scholars. This was fascinating reading for me and would be to any individual who ever applied to college or had children who applied to college, especially an Ivy League institution.

On the second level, we have a reluctant admission by Portia about an event that took place early in her life that she was in denial about since her 20's. This event affects her choices as an adult and wraps around all her relationships --- with men and with her mother. The admission is made towards the end of the book and helps to put all the missing pieces together.
Rating: ****

Arlene Almas: I really loved this book! Portia has been an admissions officer at Princeton University for many years. She's very good at her job, and loves it. You do get quite a bit of detail about the college admissions process, but you can always skim past those parts if they don't particularly interest you. Portia has an unraveling relationship with one man and a developing relationship with another one; her relationship with her mother is somewhat contentious. In addition to all this, there is a dark secret hidden so deeply within the firewall of Portia's unconscious that even she seems unaware of it, until the events of the story finally bring it to the surface. Portia is a very intelligent, compassionate, and believable character, and the many other characters are exceptionally well drawn, too, including some young potential college applicants. All in all, I stayed up too late on too many nights reading this book, and was sorry when it came to a close.
Rating: *****

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