After River

After River

by Donna Milner

Anne Ferber: Here's a good summer read that moves along so quickly that you don't know where it went!!

The times are the early 60s and the place is an idyllic dairy farm in the Cascade Mountains, British Columbia, Canada, very close to the American border. A young man, River, is hired as a farm hand, who happens to be an American draft dodger.

The story is told by Natalie Ward, age 14 at the time River comes into her family's lives, and continues unti l she is well into her fifties, going back home to her mother's death bed.

The author's narrative style is to give many forewarnings of difficult times ahead, due to guilty secrets, prejudiced and perverted townspeople, innocence lost,and relationships ruined. So, of course, you keep reading into the night.

At the end of the day you might be inclined to quote that old song "is that all there is?" But, even so the resolution is pretty satisfying.
Rating: ***

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