Al Franken's Giant of the Senate

Al Franken Giant of the Senate

by Al Franken

Overview: This is a book about an unlikely campaign that had an even more improbable ending: the closest outcome in history and an unprecedented eight-month recount saga, which is pretty funny in retrospect.

It's a book about what happens when the nation's foremost progressive satirist gets a chance to serve in the United States Senate and, defying the low expectations of the pundit class, actually turns out to be good at it. It's a book about our deeply polarized, frequently depressing, occasionally inspiring political culture, written from inside the belly of the beast.

In this candid personal memoir, the honorable gentleman from Minnesota takes his army of loyal fans along with him from Saturday Night Live to the campaign trail, inside the halls of Congress, and behind the scenes of some of the most dramatic and/or hilarious moments of his new career in politics. Has Al Franken become a true Giant of the Senate? Franken asks readers to decide for themselves.

Debbie Weiss (09/06/17): I totally agree with Jodi that this was a very enjoyable book, made even more so by listening to it on audible and narrated by the author himself. I found it really interesting and fun to hear about the old Saturday Night Live Days, reminiscing about the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players. The author then transitioned to his first run for senate in Minnesota in a race that was so close, it was contested and not decided for 8 full months.

Franken talks about how being a Senator is a job he takes very seriously, but often his jokester nature comes through and sometimes gets him in trouble. It is fascinating to hear what he has to say about various members of Congress, some of it is predictible, but some of it is very surprising. What he has to say about Ted Cruz...well, you will have to read this (or listen to this) for yourself. This book is highly recommended and extremely entertaining.
Rating: ****+

Jodi Roberts (07/11/17): My first book on Audible and it did not disappoint. I think having the author read it to me contributed immeasurably to my enjoyment. If you do not favor social justice, progressive ideas, care and concern for your fellow humans or the environment, then this book is not for you. However, if these concerns appeal to you or at least do not offend you, then make haste to this book! Senator Franken speaks to his childhood and education, time on SNL, and his time campaigning, becoming elected and serving in the senate in an easy and understandable manner. He cuts through the red tape, is respectful of his colleagues (by and large,) and provides some insight as to how one navigates the current political climate without losing one's soul (or at least how he does so,) and still maintains a sense of hope and optimism for the future.
Rating: *****

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