American Gods

American Gods

by Neil Gaiman

Ricki Brodie (01/07/14): Neil Gaiman wrote The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It was amazing. He likes to take us where we suspend belief. He has done it again in American Gods.

A man about to be released from prison has a sense of doom. He is right. His wife is killed in a car accident along with his best friend and employer. Shadow, released a few days early and with no job prospects is approached by a one-eyed stranger, Mr. Wednesday, to be his driver and provide any services requested.

Mr. Wednesday, one of several gods brought to America by immigrants that have either died on found they have no need of those gods wants to wage a war for salvation rather than slinking off into the sunset. He is up against present day gods who rule credit cards, Internet, towns, Mr. Town, woods, Mr. Wood, technical boy and Mr. World. Mr. Wednesday, aka, All-Father is trying to rally his superhuman demon friends with Shadow chauffeuring him around. Shadow is taking it all in but get a little thrown when his dead, decomposing wife visits and says she wants help to be alive again and when he is heavily recruited by present day gods.

There is a strong build up to the end. Who will win? How will it end. The Shadow knows!!!!!!
Rating: ****

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