An Almost Perfect Moment

An Almost Perfect Moment

by Binnie Kirschenbaum

Judy Stanton (12/27/12): I rarely give a book a "1" rating, mainly because if it's that bad, I usually stop reading....and I almost did that with "An Almost Perfect Moment." Not sure what turned me off more....the characters who were so stereotypically described, the Jewish "shtick" which was so tritely used, or the author's unbelievable lack of research on how the game of mah jongg is played. A player passing two tiles...putting tiles in the wall....calling "pong" or 4 flower? REALLY? Having read so many authors who do such extensive research before writing, it pained me to read one where the author didn't even sit through a game. She went on and on describing characters who had bad skin, were fat, had no friends, were overly flashy, or got dumped and couldn't let it go. No one had a multi-faceted personality. And the story may have had the potential to be interesting, but it seemed to lead nowhere. Bottom line:don't waste your time.
Rating: *

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