An Orphan's Wish

An Orphan's Wish

by Molly Green

Overview: War rages, but the women and children of Liverpool’s Dr Barnardo’s Home cannot give up hope. What more could you wish for than a poignant, heart-warming saga to read this winter?


Yorkshire is the place Lana has always called home, but it’s now filled with painful memories of her fiancé, Dickie, who was killed at sea. When she accepts the challenging position of headmistress at a school in Liverpool, she hopes a new beginning will help to mend her broken heart.


Not everyone at Bingham School is happy about her arrival but Lana throws herself into the role, teaching children from the local village and the nearby Dr Barnardo’s orphanage. She thrives in her work, but soon finds herself falling for a man who she would once have considered the enemy – and is torn between what she knows is right, and taking a risk that might see her lose everything.


There are children that desperately need her help, and Lana must fight for everyone’s happiness, as well as her own. But one young girl in particular shows her that there is a way through the darkness – because even when all seems lost, there is always a glimmer of hope to be found…

Leslie Swichkow (11/09/19): This is the third book in a series of historical fiction novels (I have not read the first two) set in Liverpool during World War II. It is a quick and easy read with a plot based on the children in an orphanage and the staff that try to help them while dealing with their own issues. It lacks a lot of the “difficult to read” elements of most novels set during this time. I found the book enjoyable, though simply written and not “deep” in terms of character development. At times, the choices the adult characters make seem unrealistic.
Rating: ***+

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