A Mercy


by Danielle Trussoni

Kathy Stephens: Historical facts are blended with myth, biblical descriptions and fiction....the story line is eerily realistic and gives one pause when watching the nightly news or reviewing historical traumas. The ending left me wanting to know more...... Very well written and researched.
Rating: ****

Wanda Cohen: This book deals with the other side of Angels. We think of Angels as the sweet face, chubby, little babies with wings. We think of them as kind and caring and on some levels they must be as their support has been requested for generations, but what about the other side. When you give the power of the Universe to beings with no human compassion or sympahty you create monsters. Monsters that live among us and blend into our society. Their main goal is to diminish our numbers. Think Inquisition and Crusades and Nazi Germany. In the beginning of time, think Noah, they decide to corrupt the human race by taking human wives and having mixed heritage children to aid them in their quest for world domination. Now imagine that the human race finds out about these beings among us and decides to fight back. A group of intelligent warriors is created. This group is our best chance to maintain control of the world as we know it. For obvious reasons this group is secret and works undercover. Ever with great care and caution, they are discovered. Now you have the premise of this book. Add in page turning action, characters that you love and hate and writing above normal standards and you have a book that kept my interest to the last page. It's dark and disturbing and imaginative and detailed. I can't wait for her next book as I hope she will continue where this on ends.
Rating: ****

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