Audition: A Memoir

Audition: A Memoir

by Barbara Walters

Hadriane Kalfus: I expected this book to be light and fluffy. Not so. Barbara tells her story, which is anything but light and fluffy in a conversational, honest and articulate manner. Her growing up years, the family problems, her father's show business life, her marriages and her climb to the pinnacle of television journalism. As a pioneer in morning televison, which was not open to women as she was trying to be successful, you learn to admire her spunk and fortitude. There are of course, some show business tidbits, but that just makes it all the more fun! If you are looking for a story about a normal woman, from a normal background of working class people, you will enjoy this book!
Rating: ****

Alma Klein: Barbara has written a very interesting life story. She writes it like she is talking right to you. Her life has been a great struggle. Her father, Lou Walters, made a lot of money and lost a lot. For most of her life she had to support her family. She had a lot of opposition, being a woman, with some of the male correspondents. I highly recommend this book.
Rating: *****

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