Autumn Getaway

Autumn Getaway

by Jennifer Gracen

Jennifer Gilbert (04/18/14): You know those books where you canít help but silently cheer for the characters because you just fall in love with them so much? I was silently cheering on Lydia and swooning over Sam the whole time I read Autumn Getaway. It is one of those books that makes you feel better for having read it. I think all of my girlfriends who are recently divorced and just getting back into the dating game HAVE TO READ this book. It gives so much hope. As a mom with a preschool aged child, I could empathize with Lydiaís predicament. It is so hard to put yourself first when you have a small child. Gracen does a wonderful job creating the visuals for the manor and the grounds in this book. I was literally transported in my head to each place as she described it. Such a sweet and fun book. If you need a little hope in your life and a belief that second chances can happen for the romantic in us, read this book. I canít wait to read more from this author.
Rating: *****

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