Backseat Saints

Backseat Saints

by Joshilyn Jackson

Ricki Brodie: Rose Mae Lolley, a minor character in Gods in Alabama, stars in Backseat Saints. One day, when Rose Mae was eight her mother disappeared. Rose, feeling abandoned but hoping to know why her mother left without her, was left with a father who was a drunk and became abusive to her. Rose’s solace was a boy named Jim Beverly. Jim disappeared during high school and Rose Mae took off. She did waitressing, made some money and moved from town to town finding unsuitable men. She thought she died and went to heaven when she became the shy Mrs. Ro Grandee losing the feisty, beautiful girl she was. Little did she realize what a toxic life awaited her.

When dropping her elderly neighbor and only friend at the airport she meets a gypsy who warns Rose that she needs to decide whether she is strong enough to survive. She takes her pawpy's ancient .45 (Rose has been firing guns since she was three), and her dog, to find her mother and escape from a husband who will never let her go.

Rose needs to fight Ro’s desire to return home in order to survive. She needs answers, help and a new life. It comes from unexpected sources. A great follow up to Gods in Alabama.
Rating: ****

Wanda Cohen: A must read. Domestic violence is real and this novel makes it something you care about. Rose Mae never had a chance. Her mother left her in the care of her father. Her father beat her. Her husband beat her. Rose tries to walk away from her old life but, funny, thing, she takes herself with her every time. Can she really make a difference in her own life? The story is gripping. The ending is a major surprise. The reality of Rose's life is that there is a miracle in the making but will it happen quick enough and can she recognize it if it does?

Jackson is a gifted writer who is not afraid of the dark and who can turn monsters into something changed and perhaps even redeemed while others remain exactly what they are, beasts wrapped in human form. She draws you in and takes you with her each step of Rose Mae's journey. I recommend you join Jackson and Rose Mae.
Rating: ****

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