Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

by Amy Chua

Teresa Joel: My book club selected this nonfiction book for one of our monthly reads, or else I would have had no interest in picking it up myself. Nor did I after I read it! If you have heard about this book on morning talk shows or read about it in the press, whatever you heard or read is about the sum total of the book. After the initial shock and awe of how this Chinese mother raised her two American-born daughters, it is just more of the same. The one redeeming value to this book is it does depict another culture and way of thinking, and as such is of educational value. It is not up to me, as a mother, to judge what works or doesn't work in raising a child. I just know that I have two well-adjusted almost-adult sons who have found passion and meaning in their own lives and they discovered that all on their own, without their mother having to force or berate them to find it. Enough said.
Rating: *

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