Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

by Sassy Angel

Lisa Sweet (06/13/13): A wonderful tale of love, loss, heartache and triumph. It brought me to tears , made me smile and laugh. A wonderful book!
Rating: *****

Anna Smith (06/13/13): I just recently read a book by a writer I never heard of. The book was called "Beautiful Scars." It was written by Sassy Angel. I was quite surprised by the moving tale of the real life story of a woman named Patricia Chiappa. She grew up poor, was bullied, lost a lot of loved ones to cancer and still found hope through it all. I was moved to tears as this writer spoke of her faith and was inspired by all she had overcome. I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers. It can be used as a tool to teach about bullying and for Sunday schools.
Rating: *****

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