Being a Woman

Being a Woman

by Pamela Ann Smith

W. Nikko (03/31/13): Pamela Ann Smith has the skills to make her writing interesting and informative as she takes us through her story. Many of us will be reminded of what has been accomplished and what can still be done for women all over the world. I believe her talent for writing will bring us many more books of interest. THANK YOU PAMELA ANN SMITH.
Rating: *****

Janis Moore (03/23/13): Being guilty myself of being complacent or taking for granted how we came to hav e the rights we have as women today this wonderful quick read was enlightening. Quick fire historical facts interacting with a personal somewhat humorous view on the events and privileges we as women have been legacied served to remind me and indeed educate me, and despite the necessary political references and content is in no way boring. I congratulate the author on the perfect balance in this hand bag sized book which im sure will appeal to many, even those who don't expect to enjoy.

I would give this book a rating of 4 for its content ease of read and presentation.
Rating: ****

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