Believing the Lies

Believing the Lie

by Elizabeth George

Wanda Cohen (06/16/12): This is another solid read from Elizabeth. Her ability to draw you in and hold you in suspense is what lesser writers aspire to. This is the latest of 18 books written about Inspector Lynley. As he is picking up the pieces of his own shattered life, he is called in to determine what happened to a pivotal member of a family with friends in high places. Was Ian Fairclough's death really an accident? If it's murder ,who among the many people capable and with motive, would have done such a thing?

This is a story of family and family ties. The ties that support and the ones that strangle and the ones broken for fragile protection from the past. Lynley calls upon his friends and police partner to help secretly investigate the happenings in the Fairclough's family. This adds more lies to the plot, already filled with them, some of which are deadly. I have to give her 3 1/2 stars because although I enjoyed this book, like visiting a dear old friend, it isn't her best effort.
Rating: ***1/2

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