Best Intentions

Best Intentions

by Emily Listfield

Mary Ann Kavouras: Lisa and Sam Barkley have two daughters attending an elite Upper East Side private school. Both Lisa and Sam have concerns about the security of their jobs, as they find themselves in a social circle in which they do not comfortably fit. Lisa is feeling their marriage is in a funk and thinks Sam feels the same way as she begins to question his fidelity. Other characters round out the story - Dierdre, Lisa's best friend; her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ben; and Jack, a college friend of Sam, Lisa, and Dierdre (and Dierdre's college boyfriend). I enjoyed the story - I never felt like putting the book aside. I was, however, disappointed in the ending. I felt the loose ends could have been tied up in a way that more logically drew from the events in the story.
Rating: ***

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