Somebody's Daughter

Bimini Twist

by Linda Greenlaw

Overview: she’ll be in attendance, as one of the few eligible single women in town. Of course, that’s the last place Jane would like to be; hobnobbing and making small talk with the upper crust isn’t exactly her idea of a good time. She prefers to put in her hours working as an insurance investigator, and part-time as the deputy sheriff. When she gets to work one morning, the sheriff asks her to take a break on her personal war on drugs—it seems that she’s been so successful catching dealers and interrupting the flow of drugs in the area that she’s called too much attention to just how bad it’s gotten, and the community is worried that all the attention on the drug trade will deter the summer tourists that Green Haven so badly needs to keep the economy going.

Instead, Jane takes on a missing person case—a young woman working at the Bar Harbor Inn has disappeared. The Inn employs foreign exchange students from all over the world during the busy summer season, and the missing Bianca Chiriac is one of them. When it becomes clear that Bianca isn’t just sleeping off a late-night party, Jane is plunged into the underbelly of the resort town, and must find the missing woman before the worst happens.

Carole Zwicker (12/01/18): This is the fourth installment of the Jane Bunker series, although this is a first for me. I find myself at a loss to categorize this book: it is somewhere in between a police procedural and a cozy mystery. Deputy Sheriff Jane Bunker is the law in the small town of Green Haven. Because it is tourist season, she is asked to tone down the drug busts for the summer which leaves her with a missing person case. Jane takes on the case to keep busy but does not realize that this investigation will involve a boat sinking, assault, attempted murder, kidnapping and murder, among other crimes. The story starts out well but I found the middle had too many unneccesary details which slowed down the momentum somewhat. This is then redeemed by a tension-filled and satisfying ending. If you like your murder mysteries lite, this is the book for you.
Rating: ****

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