A Mercy

Black Magic Sanction

by Kim Harrison

Wanda Cohen: This is the eighth book in the Rachel Morgan Series by Kim. I've read them all and although this one isn't my favorite it's still fast pace and a wonderful escape from reality. Rachel is a White Witch accused of practicing Black Magic. This is something that could cost her her life and certainly creates chaos for her and her friends, Ivy the Living Vampire, Jenks a Pixie, and her the new fellow in her life a former ghost who took over a freshly dead body. This is an explicit, adult series so although it might remind you of the Twilight series, it's not for kids.

Before you read this book, I recommend that you start with the first book of the series, Dead Witch Walking and work your way up to this one. You will enjoy the twists and turns along the way and by the time you are ready for this one it will be in paperback!
Rating: ***

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