Blackberry Winter

Blackberry Winter

by Sarah Jio

Judy Stanton (03/04/13): I read this book because it was supposed to be discussed in a book group on a recent cruise, but the discussion never happened. It was a fast read about a reporter in Seattle who, while covering a late Spring snowstorm, ended up researching the fate of a boy who disappeared in a similar snowstorm in 1930.

The back-and-forth in time frame and stories and the mystery was enticing, and we had visited Seattle this year, so I enjoyed knowing some of the book's settings, like the ferry to Bainbridge Island. However, the book lacked the richness in detail and reality I have come to love from reading historical fiction. The events, clues and coincidences were far too predictable for my taste. I would recommend it for a quick, light summer read, but definitely not for a meaty book club discussion book.
Rating: ***

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