Bliss Remembered

Bliss Remembered

by Frank Deford

Overview: Plenty of people know Frank Deford as an award-winning sportswriter or the guy with the loud outfits on HBO's "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel," but who knew he had a soft spot for Nicholas Sparks' novels?... Deford never lets readers forget he's writing a love story. All the Nazis, FBI agents and 100-meter backstrokes are just grace notes as the old woman sings the song of how she met, lost and again found her soul mate.

Faith Bowers (11/17/14): Frank Deford writes in an easy to read style but is a wonderful story teller. I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. The main character Sydney Stringfellow has both romance and fortitude in her goals and abilities. Looking back, the story is almost a superhero genre but that is what makes it wonderful. She relates well to her son with whom she tells the secrets of her life before dying of cancer. The characters are developed enough as it mostly about the events that occurred from 1934 through 1940. It is a feel good novel and as Frank Deford is a sports writer it is not overly done in any way. Every sentence is important.
Rating: ****

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