Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke

by Nora Roberts

Debbie Weiss: The story begins with a young girl viewing the destruction by fire of her family's restaurant. This act of arson ignites in the girl a fascination with fire for her entire life. She eventually grows up and joins the police force, more specifically the arson investigation unit of the police force. It is her job to determine which fires are accidentally started and which ones are intentionally lit.

Along the way, fire seems to impose on her personal life periodically. Her first true love dies in a fire and as the years pass, it seems that others that she cares for have close calls with fire as well. It eventually becomes apparent that one arsonist is out to make a statement by harming those she loves. This is an easy reading book, pleasant but not great. I liked all the characters but I found that the story dragged on a little too long.
Rating: ***

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