Bossy Pants

Bossy Pants

by Tina Fey

Judy Goldman (08/14/12): Having listened to this book on tape instead of reading it, I found it to be entertaining. It almost felt like a one woman show, as it was read by Tina, and of course her comedic timing just was the icing on the cake for me. There were so many of her references as a child and young woman I could relate to, and it made me smile, remembering details of those awkward years I had long forgotten. I also enjoyed hearing first hand her descriptions of her first jobs, Saturday night live performances and the entertainment industry in general. It wasn't the best written book, however, if you like Tina Fey you should enjoy BossyPants. If you can listen to the audio version, especially while driving, you can count on a fun commute.
Rating: ***

Gail Reid (08/11/12): Comedian Tina Fey chronicles her rise from high school summer theater to improv classes in Chicago on and up to Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Her experiences - whether as a receptionist in the basement of the Chicago YMCA or as a frazzled new mom planning a birthday party during a 70-hour work week - will make you laugh and lighten up.

I enjoyed this book for what it is: a quick, entertaining summer read on the patio or by the pool . Tina is delightful on TV and in the movies, but I don't think she translates that well to paper. She should not try so hard to create humor in every paragraph; it can diminish the situations that are truly funny. That said, if you enjoy Tina, you will enjoy the book.
Rating: ***

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