Boy, Snow, Bird

by Helen Oyeyemi

Ricki Brodie (03/31/14): Boy Novak, a young girl flees Manhattan to escape her violent rat-catcher father. She takes a bus as far away as she can and arrives in a town where people make beautiful things. Feeling inadequate she takes on small jobs, finally working in a book store. She is introduced and marries a widower with a small child, Snow White, I mean snow Whitman. Snow was this ethereal beauty that was adored by her grandparents. Boy and Arturo have their own child, Bird and Boy banishes Snow from the family. Has Boy become the evil stepmother? There are also mirrors that donít always show the truth.

I believe that the book is a wonder of revelations. I was glad that I did not read reviews beforehand because they would have spoiled the OMG moments of the book. I suggest you do the same. You will find issues of race, ethnicity, protecting oneís child and gender and will not be disappointed in the read. 4+
Rating: ****+

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