Buried on Avenue B

Buried on Avenue B

by Peter De Jonge

Arlene Almas (12/29/12): Working from information received from an old criminal with Alzheimer's and his caregiver, Detective Darlene O'Hara of the NYPD has a body exhumed from under a tree in a community garden on the Lower East Side. It turns out not to be the old man's former accomplice, but a ten-year-old boy. Is the senile criminal credible? Is the boy's body evidence of a completely different crime? Using the expertise of CSIs and the medical examiner, along with her own investigative skills, Darlene probes every clue until she discovers whether there was any connection between the boy and the crooks, many years in the past. De Jonge's writing is very contemporary and a pleasure to read.
Rating: *****

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