Caleb's Crossing

Caleb's Crossing

by Geraldine Brooks

Gwendolyn Waring (08/12/12): I also loved this book. It was selected by my book club. Brooks crafts a compelling story based upon a historical fact. I love historical fiction, and this one is great. The story is about Harvard's first Native American students and their interaction with a fictional woman who is no shrinking violet. Brooks' protagonist is convincing as a forward thinking woman of the late 1600s, conflicted and not totally accepting of her place; all the while gently pushing the boundaries of duty, religion and her sense of self. It was interesting to read a book from the view of a "colonist" as opposed to an "American."
Rating: *****

Judy Stanton (12/16/11): I am a big fan of Geraldine Brooks, whom I heard promoting this book and got hooked into yet another good read. The author is a consummate storyteller as well as a a through researcher who brings history to life through her imagination. Brooks interestingly noted all the true documentation of this story at its end, so that the reader understood which twists and turns in the story were actually true to life. Caleb is the first Indian to graduate from Harvard University, in a time when it was difficult for anyone to attend college, much less the much maligned Indians. I love the way Brooks makes it a personal story, of youngsters growing in a relationship and learning about each other's cultures, without the judgements shared by English settlers. An interesting history of the treatment and mistreatment and proselytization of Indians by Angle men and women.
Rating: ****

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