Calling Invisible Women

Calling Invisible Women

by Jeanne Ray

Faith Bowers (06/08/13): I love Jeanne Ray's novels She is the mother of Ann Patchett. Though not as literary, they are about family and women's issues and are funny. She finds the humor in every situation. "Calling Invisible Women" is about taking the mom of the household for granted. This heroine is a well balanced women wh o finds out who actually looks at her. Jeanne Ray goes one step further by having the heroine become truly invisible. We then find out how long it takes for her family to notice. Being invisible is a super power since you can't see the person if she is not wearing any clothes and what can a strong well balanced women do with that power.

This book is not as funny as "Julie and Romeo" and "Julie and Romeo Get Lucky" except the whole premise is hysterical. The Julie and Romeo series is about blended families based of course on the Romeo and Juliet's theme of family enemies. "Eat Cake" is about what happens when you lose your job and how to work out becoming a stronger family during tough times. Have fun reading all of Jeanne Ray's books.
Rating: ***

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