Captivated &tranced

Captivated & Entranced

by Nora Roberts

Wanda Cohen: OK, I admit it, sometimes I like to read a mindless book that is just for entertainment and perhaps leaves your mind mush for awhile. I especially like this kind of book in the summer, on a plane, at the beach or just sitting on the deck. Captivated and Entranced are actually two books in one. Easy to get more book for your money!! Both at part of The Donovan Stories which includes four books. The next two are Charmed & Enchanted, again both in one book. See easy to pack, four books in two and paperback at that. Now, the stories are sweet, entertaining, sexy and what you would expect from Nora. They are pure fantasy and over the top fiction. The main characters are three cousins and a distant relative, each with their own book. We meet beautiful, Morgana, the self proclaimed witch and Nash the skeptic that comes to her for research for his screenplay. Then, Sabastian, the psychic who meets Mel, the PI, when he assists her with a kidnapping case. Then it's Anastasia, my favorite. She is an empath with great healing power. Her new neighbor is Boone. Boone is her first love and perhaps her first loss. Last is, Liam, the prince to the dynasty. Does he want to step into his father's place or run from his heritage and responsibility. Great mindless fun. Read them then pass them on to the next vacationer.
Rating: ***

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