Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great

by Robert Massie

Ana Schneider (12/24/12): Not knowing much about Russian history, I was looking forward to expanding my horizons and learning about it during this period. This book did that as well as also giving me insight about European history during this same period (Pre-World War 1).

This is one of the best biographies that I have read. The author spent 8 years researching and writing the book, and it is very obvious that he has absolute command of the subject. Catherine the Great or Sophia AugustaFrederika as she was first named, was a prolific writer. In the first part of the book, we are guided by the words she wrote in her diary. After she became a ruler, we follow her thoughts and actions through her letters.

The author writes so flawlessly that there are no holes in the story, nor areas that one feels are unknown or not explored. Of course Catherine had an incredibly interesting and colorful life which lent itself to making a wonderfully exciting book. I now plan to read his other books.
Rating: *****

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