Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win

by Jo Piazza

Overview:Charlotte Walsh is running for Senate in the most important race in the country during a midterm election that will decide the balance of power in Congress. Reeling from a presidential election that shocked and divided the country and inspired to make a difference, she’s left her high-powered job in Silicon Valley and returned, with her husband and three young daughters, to her downtrodden Pennsylvania hometown to run for office in the Rust Belt state.

Once the campaign gets underway, Charlotte is blindsided by just how dirty her opponent is willing to fight, how harshly she is judged by the press and her peers, and how exhausting it becomes to navigate a marriage with an increasingly ambivalent and often resentful husband. When the opposition uncovers a secret that could threaten not just her campaign but everything Charlotte holds dear, she must decide just how badly she wants to win and at what cost.

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win is an insightful portrait of what it takes for a woman to run for national office in America today. In a dramatic political moment like no other with more women running for office than ever before, this searing, suspenseful story of political ambition, marriage, class, sexual politics, and infidelity is timely, engrossing, and perfect for readers on both sides of the aisle.

Carole Zwicker (11/23/18): This novel reads like a day-by-day accounting of Charlotte Walsh's campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, starting at 479 days to Election Day. Charlotte is an executive at a high tech company in California when she decides to enter the political ring against Senator Tug Slaughter, an 80-year-old man who has held the seat for 40 years. He is a much-married philanderer who seems unbeatable. She moves with her husband Max and three young daughters to her hometown in Pennsylvania. She soon realizes that she is judged differently because she is a woman: her wardrobe, marriage, family and character are ruthlessly examined and criticized. As the campaign proceeds, secrets become public, her marriage is tested, her stamina is stretched to its limit. This novel gives us a close look at how difficult it is to run for public office, especially for a woman who is a wife, a mother and a self-made successful career woman. The ending of the book is unexpected but really works. This is a fascinating inside look at politics in this day and age. Highly recommended
Rating: *****

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