Chased By Death

Chased By Death

by Judith Copek

Overview: Chased By Death is a woman-in-jeopardy novel and also a “road novel.” Maxine wants to find her long-lost sister.  Cartel kingpin Lotto wants to find Maxine and the two-million dollars her ex-husband skimmed. In a motorhome, Maxine, with boyfriend Jeff, his young daughter, and a kitten, embark on a cross-continent trek to find the sister. Maxine is smart, but Lotto is relentless. Jack Kerouac proclaimed, “The road is life!”  Will Maxine reach safety before Lotto’s goons close in or will the road be death?

Debbie Weiss (09/26/19): Chased by Death by Judith Copek has everything required to guarantee a very enjoyable reading experience! There is murder, corruption, romance, infidelity and true love. The characters are people we can relate to so that we are able to empathize with their fears, disappointments and joys. Judith Copek’s IT background ensures that the technological details throughout the book are accurate and intriguing. A great read!

Side Note:  Judith Copek and Debbie Weiss (Womens Book Reviews) were co-workers in the early 2000's and continue to remain good friends even though Judith lives in Boston and Debbie in Atlanta.
Rating: ****

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