by J.W. Ironmonger

Debbie Weiss (04/10/14): This lovely book is all about chance vs. destiny. Azalea Ives is found all alone when she was three years old at a fairgrounds on Midsummer's Day in the year 1982. Nobody could determine who left this little girl all alone. She was adopted and moved with her new parents to Uganda, where they were missionaries.

One year to the day after Azalea was found, on Midsummer's Day, a woman's body washes ashore at a beach. This turns out to be Azalea's biological mother.

On Midsummer's Day in the year 1992, Azalea's adoptive parents are killed in Uganda. Azalea is convinced that these occurances are more than chance and she is certain that she will die on Midsummer's Day of the current year. She seeks out the advice of Thomas Post, an academic and expert on coincidences.

Thomas and Azalea become romantincally involved and they have wonderful discussions about free choice vs. predestination. I was interested in what both had to say --- both presenting valid arguments pro and con on the subject matter. The book also presents a lovely, but tragic picture of the African way of life. I enjoyed the book a lot.

I read this book for my book club and we were honored to be able to skype with the author, J.W. Ironmonger at our monthly gathering. Mr. Ironmonger was extremely charming and had lived in Africa himself so he was extremely knowledgeabout about that part of the world. He currently lives in Shropshire, England and was kind enough to stay up until 2:00 AM his time in order for us to converse with him via Skype. What a treat for us!
Rating: ****

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