by Elizabeth Gilbert

Wanda Cohen: I read and LOVED, Elizabeth's Eat , Pray, Love. This one didn't bring the same passion to the pages. I'm sure it wasn't meant to as it's a totally different time in her life, but I was hoping. Her talent as a writer is still present but the fact that I put this book down twice and read other books tells you how easily I could walk away from it. Granted, I did come back and finish it and I'm glad I did. I'm not sure if I did it because I was drawn to the book or just hate not to finish one once I start. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the practice of marriage around the world. In the book, Elizabeth is trying to talk herself into getting married to a man that she says she loves wth all her heart. She loves him but not the idea, the institution, of "marriage." I kept finding myself thinking that he must be an extrordinary man to wait while she chatted with married women, all over the world, to see of she could committ to him. I almost want him to write! a book about the waiting period and how it made him feel to have his future determined by her ability or inability to say yes. I'd say check this one out of the library, don't buy it.
Rating: ***

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