Cottage Cheese Thighs

Cottage Cheese Thighs

by Jenn Sadai

Overview: Author Jenn Sadai bravely opens her deepest feelings about her body image. Fears and anxieties that every woman feels, but would never tell a soul. Cottage Cheese Thighs is a book every woman in the world should read.It exposes the damages that mainstream media is causing among women around the world today through a personal, intimate story that the author courageously shares with the reader. Sharing her life-long journey to loving her body and her 'cottage cheese thighs' will empower you through its message, "'YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL!'"

Angie D (10/05/16): WOW! Every woman should read this book! It tackles weight and self-esteem in a healthy and helpful manner. Too much emphasis is put on how women look rather than what they have to offer the world. This story explores our culture and offers sound advice on how to ignore the pressure to be perfect and simply love yourself.
Rating: *****

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