by Robin Cook

Debbie Weiss: I thoroughly enjoyed this medical thriller. The author, Robin Cook, is a medical doctor himself, so he is extremely knowledgeable about both human physiology and psychology. He creates characters that we can identify with, having both positive attributes that make us like them, but also having the flaws that all humans do.

In this situation we know that the patient, Mrs. Stanhope died, but should Dr. Bowman be found guilty of medical malpractice? Did he visit the patient's home as a matter of convenience to him --- or should he have insisted that the patient be rushed to the nearest hospital? Did Mrs. Stanhope really die of a heart attack, or was she given medication by someone to force her to exhibit the symptoms of a heart attack? If this was the case, who was the actual killer and what was the motive?

I guess I was particularly interested in the background story here, where a doctor changes his medical practice over to a concierge practice, since my personal physician recently did the same thing. Pros and cons of this new concept in medical care were discussed at length in the book. It was interesting to see how others in the profession were often quite critical of those doctors that do switch over. Was there a conspiracy by these doctors to frame Dr. Bowman for this reason? I think you will find this very fascinating reading. I could not put the book down.
Rating: *****

Susan Shepard: Looking for a gripping book to take on vacation? "Crisis" was a compelling book that I couldn't put down. The story revolves around Dr. Craig Bowman, a very wealthy physician who changes his practice. Becoming a partner in a concierge medical practice, he bills patients an annual fee for the privilege of house calls and other extras. This change in practice allows Dr. Bowman to spend more time with each patient yet it sets off major lifestyle changes as well. When one of Dr. Bowman's patients dies, his life and the lives of his family are embroiled in a turmoil. Racing to the rescue is his brother-in-law, a medical examiner, whose own life has weathered personal storms. The reader is engaged in a legal trial, medical investigations, and forensic mysteries throughout the book. Combining the best of medical and legal mysteries, the twists and turns of "Crisis" make it an engaging read.
Rating: ****

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