by Josephine Hart

Kim Sisto Robinson: "Damage" is packed with so much sin, that the viewer will find it difficult to feel any empathy whatsoever for the sinners. The male character is sexually attracted to his son's fiance, but he does not hold this passion inside, rather he unleashes this sexual perversion, which is so dramatic and animalistic that his actions cause a ripple effect beyond reason, logic, and justificatoin. Once this line is crossed, there is no turning back. An action causes a reaction. ALWAYS.

The reader will be appalled by the father's uncontrollable behavior towards his son's fiance, but at the same time, horrified by the fiance's response, lack of remorse, and utter absence of conscience and morals. One CANNOT cross the uncrossable line without consequence and punishment. And "Damage" is a novel about how one action can bring the devil himself into our home, into our lives, and consequently, leave us with nothing but darkeness, despair, and death.

The entire family will suffer for all of the sins that two individuals decide to make. And the suffering will be intolorable beyond words. "Why didn't you just kill yourself the first time it happened?" the wife asks. "I could have buried you and went on. I could have survived."

The sinners will get everything they deserve because once the actions are taken, nothing will save them. I loved this book and had to go to confession after reading the last page. Deliciously sinful.
Rating: *****

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