Dead End

Dead End

by Sally Spencer

Overview: He was going to have to terminate Monika, he decided. It was a pity, but there it was.

The body has lain buried for years, and has no face and no fingertips. Monika Paniatowski’s team have no real leads, but when they discuss the case at her hospital bedside – where she lies paralysed – Monika begins to see possible links with a case she closed four years earlier.

Are the two cases connected? Did the first murder make the second almost inevitable? She doesn’t know, but she does know that she is being watched by an old enemy who will kill her if he decides there is ever any chance of her sharing her thoughts and information with her team.

Carole Zwicker (07/03/19): Dead End is a police procedural/murder mystery. The author is Sally Spencer, which is a pen name for Alan Rustage. This novel is a sequel to the Monica Paniatowski mysteries and I feel that I would have benefitted from reading these before attempting to read Dead End. This is an interesting mystery which develops while Detective Paniatowski lies in hospital, in a coma. Her staff visit often to discuss the murder cases they are working on, even though she is unresponsive. Someone is keeping an eye on her, waiting to do away with her, should she regain consciousness because she knows too much. In order to improve on the plot, I feel that details from previous novels would have been useful. This does not reflect on the author. This is only my opinion.
Rating: ***

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