Deep Dish

Deep Dish

by Mary Kay Andrews

Wanda Cohen (08/09/11): What a fun book. Totally enjoyed the characters and the plot. It's a great book for the beach or for waiting in car pool for the kids. It made me smile and, I think, that's a wonderful recommendation for a book. The main characters are "foodies" with their own cooking shows. They are pitted against each other for the opportunity to take their show from the local, Atlanta station to the huge successful food network! Along the way they love and hate and support and resent each other, but their shared love of cooking is a constant. I don't cook and it actually made me want to get in the kitchen. Having the references to the Southern dishes brought back memories of my childhood kitchen and my Mom making every delicious dish from scratch and without a recipe. I'm giving it a 3+ because it will never be considered great literature but it is a great escape. Buy it and share it with your friends. .
Rating: ***+

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