Don't Cry Now

Don't Cry Now

by Joy Fielding

Debbie Weiss: I don't usually read murder mysteries, but this book was recommended to me by my mother, so I decided to read it. I really did enjoy the story! The main character's husband's ex-wife is murdered and on the morning of the murder, before she was shot in the chest, she had phoned the main character, Bonnie, to warn her that her life and the life of her daughter were in danger.

Who killed the ex-wife, Joan? Was it the husband, Rod; the son, Sam; the daughter, Lauren? Was it the son's pot-smoking best friend, Haze, or was it Bonnie's questionable brother, Nick? The author gives us enough information about each character to make it likely that any of them had probable cause to do away with Joan. Would the killer take Bonnie's and daughter Amanda's lives, too?

The book is a quick read and I often had difficulty putting it down. I definitely recommend this book.
Rating: ****

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