Don't Look Twice

Don't Look Twice

by Andrew Gross

Overview: A drive-by shooting rocks an affluent suburb, leaving an innocent man dead. A witness to the madness—along with his terrified teenaged daughter—Detective Ty Hauck launches an investigation into what looks like a vicious case of family retribution. But Annie Fletcher, the owner of a hip café who's attempting to rebuild her life, saw something that does not fit the bloody scenario. And the truth is a gathering storm of secrets and corruption that could tear through the mansions of the town's most powerful—ravaging a family . . . and pitting Hauck against his own brother.

Deanna Boe (07/28/18): This book was written in 2009, so it is not a recent one. It is very well written and the storyline catches your attention right away if you are interested in thrillers with lots of suspense. This is one that includes his main character, detective Ty Hauck. It has lots of twists and turns but concludes with telling how so many of our overseas companies make lots of money after there has been a war. In this case it refers to what happened after the war in Iraq. I can verify many of these points since I worked for one of these companies while living in Vietnam. It is amazing how companies secure these contracts and charge our government so much for the work they do, far beyond the correct amount to do the job. Naturally I was never aware of all the underhanded ways these contracts might be passed out, nor do I think they ended with so many people getting killed as in this novel, but I did realize how our government was being taken advantage of financially – usually added by someone on the “inside” doing the deal. Some of the plot was easy to guess what was happening before it did or as it went along, but still a decent read if you like this type of book.
Rating: ***

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