Dr. Sleep

Dr. Sleep

by Stephen King

Ricki Brodie (01/07/14): Having never read Stephen King and reading the reviews of 11/22/63, I decided to read it and loved it (5 stars). When I saw Dr. Sleep on sale I decided to give it shot and am I glad I did. It revolves around the young boy, Dan Torrence, with from “The Shining” who has grown up with his gift and a child Abra, even more powerful. Not having read “The Shining,” I went to Wikipedia to catch up. It was totally necessary. The book can stand on its own and the author fills in the needed parts.

Dan, an alcoholic like his father, hits rock bottom and arrives in a small town where starts his climb back to becoming more productive. He works at a hospice and helps people cross over into death. He begins having interactions with Abra and finds that a group of wealthy, old parasites disguised as simple folk crossing the US in RVs are trolling for children with the shining as their essence becomes their food. Abra is the number one prey of the leader of the True Knot. Abra and Dan must face the terror head on.

I really enjoyed the book but some things seemed contrived. I chalked it up to camp!
Rating: ****

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