by Leila Meacham

Overview:At the height of World War II, a handful of idealistic young Americans receive a mysterious letter from the government, asking them if they are willing to fight for their country. The men and women from very different backgrounds-a Texan athlete with German roots, an upper-crust son of a French mother and a wealthy businessman, a dirt-poor Midwestern fly fisherman, an orphaned fashion designer, and a ravishingly beautiful female fencer-all answer the call of duty, but each for a secret reason of her or his own. They bond immediately, in a group code-named Dragonfly.

Thus begins a dramatic cat-and-mouse game, as the group seeks to stay under the radar until a fatal misstep leads to the capture and the firing-squad execution of one of their team. But...is everything as it seems, or is this one more elaborate act of spycraft?

Faith Bowers (08/24/19): I rarely read a historical fiction spy thriller but this was one. The WW II Paris thriller parts were easy to read with not too many on the seat of your pants sections. I thought the back stories with their families for all the young spies were good. This is mostly a feel good thriller which is probably why I liked it. The pace is fast and though there are many German and french military, you are able to figure them out after some reading. Not everyone is as they seem, which is the point of a good spy novel.
Rating: ***

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