by Augusten Burroughs

Kim Sisto Robinson: Augusten Burrough's memoir, DRY, is an incredibly candid account of an alcoholic and drug addict who has fallen so deep into the abyss that he is finding it impossible to climb from the darkness into some sort of light.

Burrough's honesty is what makes this book readable, authentic, and completely unable to put down. He does not allow the reader to speculate, rather he tells us exactly how it was: cocaine, whiskey, confusion, relationships, depression, and his homosexual encounters are all raw and quite present. Burrough brings the reader into the black hole with him and although we don't want to stay, at the same time, he is so delightful, witty, insightful, and lovable, that we do. We want him to succeed, find true love, get dry, and be oh-so-happy.

Burrough has absolutely no boundaries or limitations; he gives his readers everything; he educates us about dysfunction at its highest level. And we accept his gift of authenticity as it resonates with our every day lives...because honey, at the end of the day, we all have baggage we carry, too.
Rating: ****

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